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Thought Leadership on Water and Its Value

Businesses compete for access to water and must continually adapt to its availability, quality, and access. CEOs, C-suite executives, and other leaders are at the helm of this evolving business dynamic and have the narratives that can change our understanding of the value of water from a business perspective.

Wisdom from Top Leaders in the Water Space

The originator and executive producer of the book project, Donna Vincent Roa, in partnership with the Value of Water Coalition, created The Value of Water: A Compendium of Essays by Smart CEOs expressly to feature industry leaders’ thinking about the value of water and its relationship to brand, reputation, business continuity, economic success, public health, and more.

This book documents insights of CEOs and the most senior leader of water utilities and associations on the value of water, probes complex issues, informs the conversation about water’s future for business, shows that “business as usual” exploitation of our water resources needs to change, and shares industry best practices, and calls to action.

A Book to Change Water Awareness and Perspectives

These essays will inform your perspectives about water, convince you that we all need to be stewards of this precious resource, and ultimately, change your water consciousness and awareness about the value of water.

Value of Water Book | Donna Vincent Roa

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Our nation and this world face many challenges. At the top of the list is providing a safe, reliable, affordable supply of water that respects the environment. This book helps crystalize the necessary connections among the environment and economy, water and nergy, and the present and the future. Anyone who recognizes the challenges will appreciate the forward thinking and wide range of solutions.

Honey Rand, PhD, APR, Fellow PRSA | President, Environmental PR Group and Author: Water Wars: A Story of People, Politics and Power

Acknowledgement of the value of water has come a long way in the last two years, in large part because we are now driving a meaningful public dialogue using effective terminology and tapping into the hearts and minds of the public. Having recently moved to Texas, where water is now one of the top three public and political issues, I’ve realized that people who live with water scarcity increasingly understand the connection between water and the economy. In short, they realize that Water Works! I am proud of the industry leaders captured here who have cast a great vision for the “utility of the future” by applying innovation, advancing water resource recovery infrastructure, and attracting a new generations of professionals into the water sector.

Matt Bond, Black & Veatch, and 2011-2012 President, Water Environment Federation

I’ll admit, when I started reading, I thought “another book about water? What could anyone say?” Well, if you read one book about water this year—read this one. The CEO essays are not just for the water “experts;” they are just as relevant for the average citizen, the politician, and definitely for the communicators. They present historical, environmental and economic perspectives, and clear, practical solutions. This book will help anyone working in the water sector worldwide to advocate improved water sector governance.

Patricia Hotchkiss Bakir | Independent Water Sector Consultant, Amman, Jordan

Originator & Executive Producer


Donna Vincent RoaAn IABC-accredited business communicator and water and sustainability communication executive, Dr. Roa is the managing partner and CEO of Vincent Roa Group, a full-portfolio business communication firm that specializes in communication about the earth and its people (e.g., water, science, environment, sustainability, public health and technology). The firm serves CEOs and utility executives who need to re-engineer their communication portfolios, maximize resources, and improve bottom line results. A blogger for Water Online and Speaking Up About Water, Dr. Roa served on the inaugural WEFTEC Innovation Showcase and Pavilion executive committee, is a former Rockville, Maryland environment commissioner, a past president of the largest U.S. IABC chapter, and one of ten social scientists to carry out research in major world capitols for the U.S. Treasury’s first redesign of the $100 bill.

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VOW_Logo_Color_HighResThe Value of Water Coalition is a broad alliance of public and private sector leading water companies, utilities, national associations, and safe drinking water and clean water interests working together to shift public attitudes about and increase investments in America’s water infrastructure. Through its Water Works! campaign, the coalition educates the public on the importance of clean, safe, and reliable water to and from every home, business, and community to help ensure quality water service and to grow jobs and economic opportunity for current and future generations.

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